Online Classes

I am offering private eletric and acoustic guitar classes, with workbooks developed into professional music software, using audio playbacks, and totally based on the main international music academic books.

The classes are in fortnightly mode, 2 classes per month, a period for 1 hour and 30 minutes in each class.
The fortnightly mode is needed to make sure that it will be time enough for you to completed all the content transmitted and proceed to the next stage, making the most of your use.

The content goes at the student’s goals, can made you independent on stile desired as a hobby, or more intensive as professionalization, and even as preparation for music course on college’s scholarship.

Subjects List

Music Perception
The music student begins to listen music with conscience. The perception can be rhythmic or be melodic, and is one of the factors that define the music style, being practiced with reading and listening exercises.
Music Theory
They are the foundations of the musical structure. Developed through the study applied in scales, chords and arpeggios reading and writing musical elements of arrangement of one music style.
The Harmony
It is the way how the music has been developed. Composed with chords and melodies, interpreted with harmonic functions and voice lines, deepened in Tonal Harmony, Modal Harmony and Exotic Harmony.
Guitar Techs
The development of techniques happens through the exercises in a musical basis for a music style, such as playing acoustic guitar with fingers on Samba or performing with “two hands” on Hard Rock.
The Improvisation
The Improvisation is one of the most striking and profound elements of music, it was born mainly in Jazz and Blues. The practice of improvisation is acquired by applying techniques with audio playbacks, following a music harmony.
Set List
The fully application of art! These are the music collections of each musician, where all subjects are applied together for the music development, being in tune with the music styles that interest the student.


Eletric Guitar with Amplifier ou Acoustic Guitar into your room



Music Notebook A4

Pencil 6B or 8B

Black Eraser or White Eraser

Pencil Sharpener


Broadband Internet

Study Method Provided in PDF Files

Catalog Folder in Folio Size with Transparent Envelops


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